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Introduction & Overview

Welcome to our partner affiliate program! Watch this quick video below that explains everything on this page. Then, click the SIGN UP / LOGIN button to join our affiliate program. If you're already an affiliate, click the same button to login to your affiliate account, grab your affiliate link and/or swipe file content and start promoting our speaker training programs. Here's the video to watch to get you started:

We're excited to have you join our community of affiliate partners! It's FREE to become an affiliate partner and a WIN-WIN-WIN with everyone involved

  • WIN #1 → YOU get paid a commission when you share your affiliate link(s) with people in your personal community, via social media and in other ways that come easy to you!

  • WIN #2 → THOSE WHO PURCHASE one of our programs through your affiliate link gets massive value when they either join our International Speaker Network or purchase one of our digital program(s), such as our Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp or The Online Speaker’s Training Academy. 

  • WIN #3 → WE win because we continue to grow our community of speakers like you with incredible new members. The more the merrier, right? You bet!

  • Once you sign up, you'll have access to marketing tools, sample eMails, affiliate banners and other affiliate training to help maximize your personal marketing efforts when sharing our speaker programs with those you know.




    What's For Sale & How Much Can You Earn?

    At this time, we're offering the following opportunities for you to make money with us:

  • International Speaker Network Membership

    You get paid a one-time 50% Commission (=$49.50) on $99 fee to join the network.

  • Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp
    You get paid a one-time 30% Commission (=$299) when folks purchase that program at $997.

  • Online Speaker’s Training Academy
    You get paid a one-time 30% Commission (=$599) when folks purchase that program at $1,997.

  • Affiliate Rules & Overview

    Real quick, here are some simple rules about our affiliate program:

    #1: Be sure to watch the affiliate welcome video above on this page to gain a quick overview of our affiliate partner program.

    #2: Commissions are paid monthly, 30 days after payments are made to ensure there are no refunds, etc. Be sure you connect your affiliate account with PayPal so you can get paid your commissions promptly. Don't have PayPal, let us know.

    #3: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help any way we can.

    Affiliate Marketing & Promotional Ideas

    Below, I've listed out some NINE (9) WAYS you can go about promoting your affiliate link(s) to our speaker training programs. I hope they help. Who knows, even just a minimal effort could yield some nice extra income for you when you help others become speakers and improve their speaking and presentation skills. 

    #1: Do something once a week, bi-monthly, monthly to help get the word out about our speaker training programs. In this way, you generate activity from folks clicking on your affiliate link. It just takes one click to make a potential sale of free money sent your way when we pay our affiliates.

    #2: Shorten your affiliate link with either a free online URL shortener or by creating a redirect URL with your domain name to Leisa's affiliate program. For example, YourWebsite.com/leisa or YourWebsite.com/isn or YourWebsite.com/speakertraining. These URLs are easy to remember once created and simply forward to your personal affiliate link. If you don't know how this is done, you might check with your webmaster for assistance.

    #3: Promote your affiliate links via social media, such as Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. You can use our provided wording to create a post, reel or other story like format and include images we provide as well. Just link back to us with your affiliate link and you're set! Post away!!!

    #4: Create your own 60 second (or less) video about Leisa's speaker training programs based off the sales copy we provide you inside your affiliate account. You can publish this on your website, on social media and/or on your YouTube channel. Just mention the basics, insert one of our promotional images and then provide a link to your affiliate link. Done. That video could sell for you 24 hours a day!

    #5: Write an article for use in your website blog, eZine or online newsletter that talks about our speaker training programs. Simply borrow wording from the available swipe files inside your affiliate account to get you started. Link to your affiliate link and publish your article!

    #6: Interview Leisa Reid, creator of these speaker training programs. In doing so, your audience hears first-hand what Leisa's programs can do for their speaking career and on one webinar you just might make 1 or more sale making that time worth something to you. Simply check with Leisa to see when her schedule might be open for such a webinar training call.

    #7: Post your affiliate link in conversations, comment sections and in forums where you talk with other professionals in your field of expertise. Sometimes, you might be in an comment series where mentioning your affiliate link is appropriate. Mind their rules to be safe, always.

    #8: Run any form of paid advertising, whether on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Google ads. Use copy from our swipe file for wording and you're set. Set an advertising spending limit and see how you do. You know the rule right? Spend $1 to make $2 is a good way to make a living. See how much your ads help generate affiliate commissions and advertise away!

    #9: Mention your affiliate link when YOU get interviewed on podcast shows. Imagine sharing where others can speak and present like you. "If you'd like to do what I do, you'll have to learn from the best when it comes to speaking, and that's my friend, Leisa at (provide affiliate link).

    Affiliate Questions & Support

    If you have any questions, again, please reach out to us anytime. We'll be glad to help any way we can.


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    LEISA REID, founder of GetSpeakingGigsNow.com and the CEO of The International Speaker Network, trains folks on how to use public speaking as a soul filling strategy to grow their business. Clients who work with Leisa “Get Their Talk Ready to Rock” and build their speaking skills and confidence through her Speaker's Training Academy. Leisa has booked and delivered over 600 speaking engagements, and teaches her clients all of the strategies she uses to get booked, stay booked and monetize their talks and presentations.