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“Get Your Talk Ready to Rock”

1/1 Session


Develop the #1 tool you need to be an effective Speaker!

Here’s what you will get:

#1: A CUSTOMIZED PLAN TO MONETIZE your talk, so you can make money from your first speaking gig!

#2: COMPELLING LEARNING POINTS that make it easy for meeting planners to say, YES!

#3: A CLEAR DESCRIPTION OF YOUR TALK that reflects your credibility and expertise!

#4: AN ATTRACTIVE TITLE so that you can stand out from your competition!

#5: The CONFIDENCE knowing that you have a signature talk in your back pocket that is AUTHENTIC to you, in ALIGNMENT with who you are and MOVES the audience so you can increase your profits & make an impact!

If you're READY to get your TALK DONE, then click on the button below to get started!


Dali Litinski, The Unstoppable Growth Coach

"Public speaking was one of my biggest fears. I hired Leisa to help me. With her help in structure and tools she shared it became not just do-able, but enjoyable. When I had my engagement I actually had fun! If you're thinking about hiring Leisa, go for it! She has the skill, she makes it easy, she makes it fun, and she can give you all the tools you need."

Dali Litinski
The Unstoppable Growth Coach

Lauren Powers, Speaker & Trainer

"She did an amazing job at helping me get structured and organized to do my first speech to sell talk and my very first event which was Women Empowering Women. She helped me with the structure, getting organized with the scheduling and coached me on how to be confident, get my speech in order so I could present and give my offer at the end, everyone else does. It was very successful. I'm very proud of the way it turned out. I totally edify her and if you're new to speaking, get coached by Leisa as she'll help you learn how to get more speaking gigs!"

— Lauren Powers, LaurenPowers.com

Janice Liski-Skinner

"Working with Leisa really made a difference in what I wanted to present to the audience. I know my story, I know my passion and what I wanted to share. Leisa pulled out those keywords and fine tuned it so my message was super clear. Leisa's the one to connect with if you want to take it to the next level."

Janice Liski-Skinner
Registered Nurse & Health Coach

Kimberly Adams, Motivational Speaker

"Wow! I first met Leisa when she spoke at an event in Orange County. Was I blown away by her enthusiasm and pure infectious joy that she had for her business and helping others level up. I booked her that day for her training around getting speaking gigs. She's helped me build a more powerful, informative and FUN presentation to my audience. I was able to tap into my message and get more clarity around my voice and how to confidently and authentically be myself. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and love how connected she is in the community. Thank you for helping me begin to realize my magic in speaking!"

— Kimberly Adams, Motivational Speaker

Terri Bradway, Life Coach

"I had the honor of being coached and mentored by Leisa for a networking presentation. Prior to our first coaching session, I was admittedly nervous, confused, and overwhelmed. Leisa brilliantly offered a simple, applicable structure for my presentation, inspiration and encouragement regarding bringing my own flair and creativity to the experience, and so much wisdom and generous feedback. Thanks to my time with Leisa, I was able to deliver a presentation that was fun, entertaining, and engaging for the members. I am delighted and look forward to working with Leisa again. What a gift she is to speakers regardless of their experience or level of expertise! Leisa is truly a gem!"

Terri Bradway, Life Coach

Libby Jason, Stylist

"Leisa helped me with my talk and my slides with a format that rocked! Her advice and direction totally changed my results! So grateful that I came across Leisa and her trainings. I know I can easily recommend her to all my friends and associates. Her trainings are top notch, professional, fun and Leisa is just so nice to work with. Thank you, Leisa, for all you do for us and the entire speaking community. Keep up the amazing work you do. We're all so grateful to you and what you do for all of us."

— Libby Jason, Stylist


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