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WHAT IS IT? Directory profile listings on SpeakerCafe.com quickly and publicly showcase your speaker services as the expert to call on to be booked as a speaker for someone’s upcoming event or need for a speaker.

WHY HAVE A PROFILE LISTING ON SpeakerCafe.com? While most websites get lost like grains of sand on a beach, SpeakerCafe.com profiles stand out to those looking to find speakers for their events. Sure, they could go to your website IF they knew about you. What most event planners like to do is stop by SpeakerCafe.com real quick to see if there’s a speaker that fits their needs. If you don’t have a listing on SpeakerCafe.com, then you’re guaranteed not to be seen or booked.

WHAT DO YOU GET WITH YOUR SpeakerCafe.com LISTING? While there are different membership levels you can subscribe to, in general, every member gets to publicly display all of the following to help win the minds of potential TV show personnel decision-makers looking to book TV guests for their TV shows. You get to display:

  • Name / Title / Profession
  • Contact Info (Phone# / email)
  • Bio / About / Description
  • Post Speaking Topics
  • Upload Audio & Video
  • Upload Articles & Photos

SELF-MANAGED SpeakerCafe.com PROFILE LISTINGS: That’s right! You get to create, login and maintain your own profile listing yourself. This is perfect when you want to add more content to your profile listing, such as new videos, photos and articles, update your contact info, etc.

SpeakerCafe.com PROFILE LISTING COST: While we are always running specials, if you consider this an investment into making you more money and getting you more exposure, write this off as a tax-deductible advertising expense and get listed today!

Leisa Reid, Professional SpeakerWhat do you get to advertise/showcase publicly in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential companies looking to book speakers for their next event?

With your SpeakerCafe.com directory profile listing, you get to add all of the following to your profile to showcase your speaking talents. For example, you can showcase:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Website
  • Your Availability
  • Your Speaker Fees
  • Your City/State (Location You Travel From)
  • Your Photo (Professional Head Shot)
  • Your Credentials (Expert Bio, Degrees, Etc.)
  • Your Social Media Accounts (Via Links)
  • Speaking Topics/Ideas (One Or More)
  • Speaker Testimonials (From Past Gigs)
  • Articles (About Your Speaking Niche/Topics)
  • Photos (Showing You Speaking)
  • Videos (Showing You Speaking)
  • Events (Post Upcoming Speaking Gigs)

Pretty much everything you can add to your profile is speaker-related, speaker-focused, and rich with (your) contact information so event planners know how to contact you immediately and without any middle-man taking a % of any paid speaker profits to possibly book you as a speaker for their upcoming event!

Now that you know what a SpeakerCafe.com directory profile listing looks like, the categories you can align yourself with, in addition to the content you can display to help attract potential companies and organizations to book you to speak, the next question is, what can you do with your SpeakerCafe directory profile listing? Well, here are all the ways you can use your SpeakerCafe.com directory profile listing:

  1. USE IT TO PITCH COMPANIES TO BOOK YOU FOR SPEAKING – It’s easy to pitch practically any company to book you if you have all your speaker-related/speaker-focused information in one place, making it easy to find, easy to read/follow and easy to contact you! Why wouldn’t you get booked in a flash to be someone’s next speaker?
  2. USE IT AS YOUR RESUME – Looking to get booked by a potential client? Send them to your SpeakerCafe.com directory listing. They can see all your expertise, view your credentials, see sample videos of you speaking, see the topics you speak on, and much more.
  3. USE IT AS YOUR WEBSITE – You might like to use your SpeakerCafe.com directory profile listing as your actual website. Why? Because it costs a lot of money to build and maintain an actual website, let alone time to build it. Considering the complexity of maintaining a website today, why bother? Just use your SpeakerCafe directory listing to showcase what you do, link to your social media accounts, attract clients to book you to speak and much more!

Leisa Reid, Founder GetSpeakingGigsNow.com