Get Speaking Gigs Now Elite Coaching

Get Speaking Gigs Now Elite

{Private Coaching}

This Program will help you:

Develop the tools you need to

Get Booked, Stay Booked and Attract Your Ideal Clients as a Speaker!

What you will get…

  • A customized plan to monetize your talk
  • Compelling learning points
  • A clear description of your talk
  • An attractive speaking title
  • A talk you can expand or shrink
  • Ability to repurpose your talk
  • Curate Your Booking Strategy
  • Monetize Your Speaking
  • Systems to Increase Sales & Decrease Anxiety
  • Speaker Sheet Development
  • Treasure Mapping for Easy Yes’s
  • Scripts to Get Booked & Stay Booked
  • Analysis & Feedback of your talk
  • All of this in your own words so it feels natural to you and attracts your ideal clients!

Yes, I’d like to Apply for Get Speaking Gigs Now Elite Private Coaching!

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