How Do You Go About Getting Your Talk Ready to Rock?

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The following is an excerpt from the book:
Get Speaking Gigs Now by Leisa Reid

How do you go about getting your talk ready to rock?
There is a roadmap I use when coaching speakers on getting their talk ready to rock. Below is an overview so you can see the flow of the process.

  1. Start with the end in mind! ⇒ What is your desired end result?
  2. Develop compelling learning points …
  3. Write a brief description of the presentation …
  4. Create an attractive / enticing presentation title …
  5. Practice the heck out of your presentation …
  6. Outline how you would expand/shrink it …
  7. Repurpose it …

What is the desired result you want at the end of your talk?

When you are getting your talk ready to rock, a lot of emphasis is put on the content so that you know WHAT you’re going to share.


You also need to know WHY you’re going to share what you’re going to share.

What is your desired end result?
● To sell WHAT product / service?
● To build your list?
● To register people to your event?
● To get more speaking engagements?
● To get clients?
● To help people with ______?

How will your talk support that desired result?
● What will you ask for at the end?
● What are you guiding the audience to do?
● What paperwork / system do you need in place?
● Where in your presentation will this happen?

What is your CTA (Call-To-Action)?
What will you ask people to do before you leave the stage? Here are some examples of what you can invite people to
● Continue your learning by _____ …
● Work with you on a deeper level by _____ …
● Overcome their challenge of _____ by _____ …
● Solve the problems of _____ by ______ …

How do you develop compelling learning points? Think about the main 3-5 things you tell people about your
industry or expertise. What is interesting about what you offer? What you know?

For example,what are the myths / problems / solutions you:
● Tell people about
● Educate your clients on
● Post on social media


I believe that if you feel that you have been called to speak, then listen up! You wouldn’t have thought about it if it wasn’t a part of your path. Speaking is an incredible way to make an impact in the world. If you have a book, then speaking is a tool you can use to sell more books and attract more clients. 

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