Book: Get Speaking Gigs Now by Leisa Reid

Get Speaking Gigs Now
Learn The Secrets To Booking 500+ Speaking Gigs

I believe everyone has a story to tell. We all have experiences, memories, expertise and lessons we have learned that can benefit other people. I LOVE the experience of when a “talk” comes to me. It’s as if a seed was planted and it starts to grow. It can even wake me up in the middle of the night! You’ve probably had a similar experience of having a “talk” come to you and start to grow within you.


Part 1: Get Your Talk Ready to Rock
Part 2: Create Your Ideal Speaking Gig Pipeline
Part 3: Monetize Your Speaking Engagements
Part 4: Systems To Getting Asked Back Again & Again
Part 5: Speaker Sheet Development You’ll Need
Part 6: Keeping Your Speaking Gig Pipeline FULL
Part 7: Scripts For Getting Booked & Staying Booked
Summary / Wrap-Up