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Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp

Develop the #1 tool you need to be an effective Speaker!

Friday, April 16th

9am - 1pm PT

Here's What You Get:

  • A PLAN TO MONETIZE your talk, so that you can make money from your first speaking gig!

  • COMPELLING LEARNING POINTS that make it easy for meeting planners to say, YES!

  • A CLEAR DESCRIPTION OF YOUR TALK that reflects your credibility and expertise!

  • AN ATTRACTIVE TITLE so that you can stand out from your competition!

  • The CONFIDENCE knowing that you have a signature talk in your back pocket that is AUTHENTIC to you, in ALIGNMENT with who you are and MOVES the audience so you can increase your profits & make an impact!



In the Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp, you will leave with a talk that you can immediately offer as a speaker. You will get live feedback and a chance to practice! You might even get clients IN the workshop!

Bootcamp includes:

The “Get Your Talk Ready to Rock” Guidebook

The “Get Your Talk Ready to Rock” Template



Friday, April 16th, 9am-1pm

Event tuition: $0 ($997 value)

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Early Bird Bonuses when you join the Bootcamp!

BONUS #1: $400 Gift Certificate for Professional Photography

You will receive a $400 Gift Certificate towards Headshot, Branding or Lifestyle Photography to grow your presence from Tricia Turpenoff, The Traveling Brand Photographer! Traveling all over the world to elevate your Brand!

BONUS #2: Speaker Referral Circle VIP Event (Virtual)

You will learn how to receive and give speaking referrals! ($297 Value)

BONUS #3: A seat to the next Virtual Get Speaking Gigs Now Workshop ($197 value)

You will learn:

●    How to find speaking gigs

●    How to get started as a speaker (even if you don’t have a budget)

●    How to make money as a speaker!

What our clients have to say

Lauren Powers

Mee Vaj

Janice Liski Skinner

Brenda Williams

Take your speaking to another level

Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Package!

Get Your Talk Ready to Rock Bootcamp ($997 Value)

You are gifted a seat! 


Where you get to network with other speakers, get live feedback from your talk and even leave with Speaking Leads!


You will leave with:

●    A compelling talk title

●    3 learning points

●    An attractive description of your talk

●    The confidence knowing that this task is DONE and you can start shopping your talk around!

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