Meet Leisa Reid


LEISA REID is the Founder of and the author of GET SPEAKING GIGS NOW. After booking and delivering over 500 speaking engagements in less than 5 years, Leisa answered the calling to share her speaker secrets with aspiring speakers.

As the Founder of the highly successful OC Speakers Network in 2013, she had met many speakers who had powerful messages to share but weren’t sure how to get speaking engagements.

As a former college instructor and current trainer in personal development, she uses her teaching and coaching skills to customize solutions for each one of her clients.

In addition to coaching speakers, Leisa still goes out and speaks full-time for a personal transformation company, Productive Learning, and LOVES it!

“Leisa Reid is a MASTER at booking speaking engagements. She has the right processes in place and understands what it takes to keep to be continually booked. I’m grateful to benefit from her expertise!” – Wanda Allen.